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Angel Dumott Schunard and Tom Collins



HELLO THERE, RENTHEAD!! Especially Angel and Collins a.k.a Cangel shipper!! :) If you're wondering what this page is all about, well, this page is about celebrating the love of Angel Dumott Schunard and Tom Collins. We love, we respect, we share our love for this beautiful couple. Angel will always live in our heart and so does Cangel's relationship. The love they have will never die and we're here to celebrate it. So if you ship and love the relationship between them, you can sign your name in the signature section. And this page is still under construction :3

Reasons Why We Love Them

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♥ They're true love
♥ They fell in love at the first sight
♥ Angel helps Collins without any hesitation after Collins got beat up
♥ Collins thinks Angel's name suits her (Angel indeed)
♥ They open with each other
♥ Angel tells Collins that he has AIDS even though they just met and Collins does the same
♥ Angel takes care of Collins
♥ Collins takes care of Angel
♥ They call each other pet names (Honey, my sweet, baby)
♥ Collins is proud to announce Angel to his friends

♥ -to be continued-

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