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The RENT Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the musical RENT by Jonathan Larson.
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Angel Dumott Schunard is one of the main characters in RENT, as well as one of the more - if not the most - controversial characters in the entire show. Some fans believe her to be a transgender woman, and some believe her to be a drag queen, while some even speculate that she is genderfluid. She is HIV+, and becomes Collins' lover after discovering him, beaten up, on the street and taking him in.

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  • Roger’s old band was called the Well Hungarians. In the Film adaptation, the name was changed to Mute, which was Adam Pascal's old band.
  • Anthony Rapp kept the famous scarf he wore as Mark in the original Broadway show. It could not be used in the film, however, because the white was too bright for the camera. Instead he wears a navy and light gray scarf.
  • The characters of Ali, Gordon, Pam, and Sue in the Life support meeting are named after Jonathan Larson's friends who died of AIDS.

Everything is RENT!

About the musical

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Jonathan Larson

The man behind the musical

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La Bohème

What Rent is based on.

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The Books

The books about the show

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