RENT Live is the semi-live production of RENT, broadcast on Fox on January 27, 2019. It was originally planned to be live, but when Brennin Hunt became injured, a pre-taped version was aired, with a live ending.


Jordan Fisher

Brennin Hunt

Brandon Victor Dixon



Vanessa Hudgens

Kiersey Clemons

Keala Settle

J. Elaine Marcos

Matthew Saldivar

Jennifer Leigh Warren

Alton Fitzgerald White

Bryce Ryness

Emerson Collins

Differences from the Original[]

There are many key differences in this production to the original Broadway version:

  • Quite a few scenes of spoken dialogue are added in.
  • Certain elements are toned down, such as the lyrics that contained harsher cuss words.
  • The description of Tom Collins as an anarchist is missing.
  • F*ck is entirely absent.
  • The riot at the end of Act One is changed to a "party".
  • Most of Angel's masculine pronouns are taken out, although a few still remain.

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