Mimi Marquez is the lead female in RENT. She is an exotic dancer at the Cat Scratch Club, is a drug addict, and is HIV+.

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The youngest of the characters, Mimi is 19 and had a "thing" with Benny three months before Christmas Eve 1989[1] (although, in the movie adaption, it was two years before Angel's funeral)[2].


Two prominent incarnations of Mimi: Rosario Dawson (left) in the film; Daphne Rubin Vega (right), the original Mimi.

When she first meets Roger Davis, she flirts with him,[3] but later he pushes her away when she makes more advances.[4][5] He apologizes later and asks her to go to the protest being held by Maureen Johnson, an ex-roommate of Roger's, and to dinner with his friends afterwards, and she accepts.[6] At the dinner, they both reveal to one another that they are HIV+, and they officially become a couple.[7]

She and Roger remain a couple throughout most of the show. Their relationship is rocky, as Mimi's relationship with drugs persists.[8] Roger is also jealous of Mimi's past relationship with Benny.[9] They break up once more before the funeral for Mimi's best friend,[10] Angel, but then get back together by the end of the show when Mimi's life is on the line.[11][12]


This is a list of the most acknowledged actresses who have portrayed Mimi Marquez.

Daphne Rubin VegaEdit

Daphne Rubin Vega is the original Mimi Marquez. She played Mimi from Opening Night until April 5, 1997. She has received multiple award nominations for this role, including the 1996 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical, though she lost to Donna Murphy for The King and I. Vega was not included in the movie, as she was pregnant at the time of filming.

Antonique Smith Edit

Antonique Smith played Mimi Marquez in Rent from 2005 to 2007. She is still the poster girl for Mimi on billboards and fliers for the 20th Anniversary Tour.

Rosario DawsonEdit

Rosario Dawson played Mimi Marquez in the 2005 movie version of RENT. She replaced the original Mimi, Daphne Rubin Vega, who was pregnant at the time.

Renee Elise GoldsberryEdit

Renee Elise Goldsberry was in the closing cast of the original Broadway run of RENT as Mimi Marquez, the exact dates of her portrayal are June 16th 2008 - Sept 7th 2008. She was also featured in the film, RENT: Filmed Live On Broadway.

Vanessa HudgensEdit

Vanessa Hudgens played Mimi Marquez in 2010 edition of RENT in the Hollywood Bowl production.

Skyler Volpe Edit

Skyler Volpe played Mimi Marquez in the 20th Anniversary US Tour of RENT in 2016/2018. She never missed a single performance for 380 shows until she suffered tendonitis, largely in part of the tour being non-equity. Her injury forced her to leave the show early, on Feburary 4th 2018, instead of May 13th when the tour was planned to end.

Philippa Stefani Edit

Philippa Stefani played Mimi Marquez in the 20th Anniversary UK Tour of RENT in 2016/2017.

Kristin Paulse Edit

Kristin Paulse portrayed Mimi in The Ending HIV Season Of RENT, in Auckland in 2018.

Tinashe Edit

Tinashe played Mimi Marquez in the "Rent: Live" production in 2019.



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