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Joanne Jefferson is one of the main characters in the musical RENT .Joanne is a An Ivy League-educated public interest lawyer[[|[17]]]. Joanne is the woman for whom Maureen left Mark. Joanne has very important parents (one is undergoing confirmation to be a judge, the other is a government official.)    


The role of Joanne was originated by Fredi Walker-Browne in the New York Theatre Workshop production, who transferred with the production to Broadway in the spring of 1996. After Walker-Browne left the show, Gwen Stewart, the original Seasons of Love soloist, took over.

Tracie Thoms first portrayed Joanne in the 2005 film version of the musical, after Walker-Browne concluded she was too old to reprise the role. She went onto close the production on Broadway in 2008 and can be seen in Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway and played Joanne once more in Neil Patrick Harris' star-studded 2010 Hollywood Bowl staging.

Kirstin Craggs portrayed Joanne in the Ending HIV Season of RENT, in New Zealand in 2018.

Musical Numbers


Tango Maureen

We're Okay

La Vie Bohieme A

La Vie Bohieme B

Season of Love

Happy New Year A

Happy New Year B

Take Me or Leave Me

Season Of Love B


Goodbye Love

Finale A

Finale B